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  1. Kurt Eades
  2. 4x4 History
  3. Friday, 27 March 2020
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The First ever 4x4 Truck
The Jeffery Quad seen here, was designed and manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the home of the Thomas B. Jeffery Co. The rugged and capable vehicle was built by the company, that had earlier made a success of the Rambler Co. In 1915 Charles T. Jeffery, changed the name of the automobiles built by the firm from Rambler, to Jeffery to honor the founder, his father Thomas B. Jeffery, who had died earlier in 1910.

1913 Jeffrey Quad.jpg

The exact date and origin of the Quad is hard to pin down as there are several conflicting versions of its beginning, all involving the U.S. Army during the 1913-14 time period.

The Jeffery Quad, also known as the Nash Quad or Quad is a four-wheel drive, 1​1⁄2-ton rated truck that was developed and built by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company from 1913 in Kenosha, Wisconsin and after 1916 by Nash Motors, which acquired the Jeffery Company. Production of the Quad continued unchanged through 1928.


The Quad seen here, is carrying a load of Solar Lamps, which where also made in Kenosha. The date the photo was taken appears to be 1916 judging by the license plate and this was some two years after the Quad was first built.

U.S. Marines returning to Fort Santo Domingo, c1916-1917.

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